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Okamoto electronics Concept ~E-junction~

Nowhere is the dizzying pace of business trends more evident than in the
highly-competitive world of the electronics industry. One day's revolutionary,
sought-after new product is swept aside by another just weeks later. In the field
of electronic components distribution, conventional methods no longer suffice
to serve engineer's fast-changing and exacting needs.
Just as there are highways in addition to roads, modern electronic components
distribution requires dedicated, high-speed routes. As orders grow more
complex and diverse, these highways increasingly depend on "junctions"-links
that enable the sender to select the most rational route to destination, quickly
and accurately.
We have transformed it into an integrated service structure, forging closer links
between the "upstream" flow of information on customer needs and the
"downstream" flow of products. As one of the first companies in Japan to
manage its data through an online system, we developed a superb nationwide
distribution network. Applying its superior skills in organizing an integration,
the company is committed to extending the range of its services far beyond the
conventional limits. Okamoto Electronics serves as a flexible intersection for the efficient
distribution of advanced electronics.