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Our company was established in 1940 under the principle of producing and exchange electronic components between the Kanto(TOKYO) and Kansai(Osaka) region. Over sixty years has passed since then, we should change as early as or earlier than the society has been greatly changed including the globalization.

We provide "E-Junction"(Electronics Junction) as our concept to offer business, purchasing, distribution, information and international circulation power generally. Like a junction in the highway, merchanism to arrive at the destination while choosing the rational route is necessary to meet the needs of our customers speedily. We become the junction as a coordinator that connect suppliers and the customers, and we will aim to establish a comprehensive service which are suitable for the growing pace of electronics industry.

"From Japan To Worldwide OKAMOTO"
We aim to become a junction of electronics industry and will do our best to support you.
Your continued support will be greatly appreciated and I would like to extend to you my most cordial greeting.