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Corporate & Environment Vision

  • We pay attention to the preservation of nature and contribute to the future development of electronics industries worldwide.

Environmental Declaration

  • Okamoto Electronics Corporation and Ohtori Corporation catch global environment protection with one of primary roles of management in the main activities of the trading company activity and the assembly processing business, etc. that center on electronic component, and execute the activity that considers the environment in all the processes from the material procurement to wrapping, packing and sending out.

Environmental Policy

  • Philosophy
  • Our groups consider in global environment and influence to a natural environment and make an effort toward load reduction to the environment in case of our activity and an offer of a product, technology and service.
  • Code of Conduct
  • 1. Consideration to the Environment
  • Okamoto Electronics Corporation and Ohtori Corporation make an effort toward preservation activity of the environment in activity as an electronic component trading company and aims at the company which connects environment-friendly and abundant nature with the next generation.
  • 2. Observance of an environment related law and correspondence to a
  • customer request
  • Our groups observe a law about environment protection, a regulation, an agreement and a standard. And also we correspond to customer requirement which will be the product, environment, quality and etc.
  • 3. Effective Use of Energy and Resources
  • Our groups put the electric power and fuel to good use without waste. We promote the approach to 3R and make an effort toward effective use of resources and reduction in waste.
  • 4. Establishment of Environmental Management System and
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Our groups establish the environmental management system, set an environmental purpose and the target, and strengthen the approach on the environment through the continuing improvement.
  • 5. Common Knowledge and Publication of the Environmental Policy
  • Our groups make all directors, all employees, and all the people who work for our company know the environmental policy. Moreover, the environmental policy is placed in our homepage and opened to the public to general people.

Approach on Enbironmental Management