The 4th IoT & 5G Solutions EXPO OSAKA

January 29-31, 2020

At “The 4th IoT & 5G Solutions EXPO OSAKA” (opened in INTEX Osaka from Jan. 29th (Wed.) to 31st (Fri.)), our company held a demo exhibition of “Productivity Improvement, Automation, Manpower Reduction, Visualization, Optimization” in the theme of “Realization of Smart Factories by IoT” towards factories.

We sincerely appreciate to the many people who came to see our exhibition.
Thanks to everybody, we were able to finish the exhibition with a great success.
Thank you very much for stopping by upon visiting the expo regardless of your busy schedules.

Exhibited Products Pages
Automation Equipment for smart factories P3
Picking Tag P4
Iot-mos P5
LPWA device P6
Optical Wireless Communications P7
Network Camera P7
Antenna Lineups P8
IoT Collaboration P8
Abnormality Grasp IoT Service P9
Sigfox IoT units P10
Wireless Crack Detector for wall P10