Application Department

Through our work in auto, medical, and energy markets, we can give advice for various materials that you need.

Efforts in the automotive market

Product examples

  • ◆ Capacitor, Connector, Various harnesses, Noise suppression parts
  • ◆ Heat dissipation material such as heat sink and diecast
  • ◆ LCD, Camera module

Efforts in the medical market

Product examples

  • ◆ Various medical power supplies, Transformer, Connector, Terminal block, Noise countermeasure materials
  • ◆ Display devices such as LCD etc.
  • ◆ Various memory

Efforts in the energy market

Product examples

  • ◆ High-voltage, high-current components such as SiC device, reactor
  • ◆ Heat-sink, heat dissipation material such as diecast
  • ◆ Resin metal enclosure


  • No knowledge/know-how to connect to the internet
  • Not sure how to set up the best communication system such as the communication speed or the number of devices to connect
  • Not sure about the dependability of the wireless
  • Would like to revise a processor
  • Would like to use a crowd service

We explain the latest network technology such as IoT that work with your application and suggest the best items that are affordable, functional and dependable.

※System configuration required to realize IoT

■ Processor related products

  • ・ Board with Processor Boar ARM Processor
    Board with X86 (intel, AMD) Processor
    Board with other (SH etc.) Processor
  • ・ Industrial PC, Panel computer, BTO computer,
    Industrial motherboard, Computer-on-module
    Various OS compatible PCs(Windows, Linux, etc.)