From Japan Okamoto Electronics Corporation
to the world

CEO  Takayoshi Okamoto

Hiroshi Okamoto/chairman(right)
Takayoshi Okamoto

We are now in the midst of multimedia age which is sweeping the world.
However, the role of electronics to date in bringing this about will not even compare with the expansion it will undergo in the future.
Our company was established in 1940 under the principle of producing and exchanging electronic components between the Kanto (Tokyo) and Kansai (Osaka) regions. In the more than half a century that has followed, we have continued to keep pace with the latest advances in technology. Now, as in the past, we are striving to expand our role in the electronics industry. To accomplish this, we will fully utilize the talents and abilities of our younger employees together with our expertise in sourcing, technology, information and international distribution, which we have cultivated over the years as a result of our ongoing desire for improvement. We will strive to meet your expectations by capitalizing on this foundation of comprehensive strengths and assets as we continue toward the prosperity and comfort of the 21st century.
In closing, I respectfully request your increased support both now and in the future.